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Kevin William Grant

Kevin's action-oriented approach to counselling and life coaching will help you take decisive and transformational steps to create a positive, healthy, balanced, and rewarding life. He is passionate about supporting clients recover from emotional and mental health issues. He brings tools from Cognitive, Narrative, Solution-Focused, Trauma-Informed, and Person-Centre approaches to my work with clients. I will help you reflect deeply on yourself and your life in a respectful, safe, supportive environment.

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Personalized Recovery Plan

Build a personalized PTSD recovery plan with educational material, workbook exercises, and proven tips and techniques.

Recovery Strategies

Effective PTSD recovery strategies for mental health professionals and PTSD survivors.

Self-Reflection Exercises

Contemplate, understand, and digest the material with workbook exercises.

PTSD Learning Materials

Valuable reference material that summarizes the current PTSD research and recovery landscape.

Effective Research Tactics

Learn effective ways to research recovery resources in your local community.
Recovery Plan

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